Pregnancy is such a stage in a woman’s life that it can be easily affected by the environment around her as well as inside her. Most of the factors having a significant impact on her perception and reality of this phase are either under her control or her loved one’s control. The important factors being- physical health and fitness, nutrition, continuous emotional support, companionship and physical safety of the mother and baby.

Our world has come to a situation where all of us are running out of time and wish we had more than 24 hours a day. Our goals have become so big that we sometimes lose sight of the present. What is essential to understand is that, a lot of the time, we HAVE to do it. Smaller families, working couples, couples living apart due to job locations etc. have become a norm in our generation.

Changing situations and needs do not need to affect how beautiful a pregnancy can be. This is what a Sahodari is all about! We are here to ensure that the pregnant couple have a beautiful pregnancy.

What is a Sahodari?

Sahodari’s are trained birth companions. They will be the essential support system for the mother throughout her pregnancy. A Sahodari’s basic role will be:

  1. Emotionally Support the Mother- She will spend quality time with the mother multiple times a week. It could be just a tea/coffee conversation or a dilemma the lady is in. Sometimes, all we want is someone to talk to. In case there is an issue which needs expert advice, the Sahodari will come back and contact the experts on the panel who will then have a one-to-one skype/video/voice call with the mother. We will not stop at anything to ensure that the mom has a stress-free pregnancy.
  2. Physical Activity and Exercise- The Sahodari’s will be trained to aid the mother through the Trigunathmika exercise program. If the mom feels like going on an outdoor walk but is just looking for company, the Sahodari is there for that!
  3. Hospital Visits- The Sahodari’s will accompany the mother to the Hospital. They will be trained to be aware of the tests/appointments etc. so that the mother can relax in peace as the paperwork and processes are done by the Sahodari’s.
  4. Labour Support- Sahodari’s will be trained to physically and emotionally support the mother in labour. Research proven activities like walks, massages, climbing stairs, warm showers, relaxation and breathing techniques, meditation, comfort postures and positions will be used to comfort the mother and help progress labour.
  5. Breastfeeding and Postpartum Care- A Sahodari will be able to aid the mother through breastfeeding techniques post the birth of the baby. Also, be trained to identify signs of postpartum blues/depression in the mother and bring it to the notice of the family in a very discreet manner.
Why do we need a Sahodari?

We need more trained personnel like Sahodari’s to make pregnancy beautiful and supportive for the couple. As much as we would advocate the couple to live together and enjoy the phase together, it’s not always possible in today’s time and age. The spouse and extended family living far away can be at peace knowing that there is someone who is well-trained to take care of their loved one. In India, even today, there is a high degree of lack of awareness and knowledge leading to panic and worry for the mother and baby during pregnancy. Sahodari’s are helpful not only when there is lack of support but also as a source of advocating the right information to the couple and family as a whole.

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