Nirvriti means “ bliss or tranquillity”. At ilove9months, we believe that every woman should be happy and at peace physically and mentally after the arduous journey of nine months and child birth.

Nirvriti combines the ancient medical science of Ayurveda with modern day wellness to create a truly unique experience for you. Ayurvedic wellness in pregnancy has been practiced since ancient times – it is a form of therapy that has weathered millenia of technological advancement and today, Ilove  9 Months aims at bringing this to the forefront of pregnancy wellness in India. We bring you pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-pregnancy regimes that take into account researched and carefully crafted for each of these stages, and applied to Ilove9months’ core methods. Nirvriti strives to bridge the gap between contemporary procedures and age-old science, giving you the best of both worlds: because a healthy mother, ensures a healthy baby.


‘Ayurveda,’ literally means the science of life or the science of longevity, which promotes positive health, prevents diseases, and helps achieving long life .It is a form of alternative medicine based on the principles that disease is caused by an imbalance of the life forces or the humors (viz. vatha, pitta and kapha). It is believed to be the oldest and the most complete system of medicine on earth, dating back over 5000 years, and is the part of the great Vedic Tradition.

Ayurveda provides significant assistance to women during pregnancy and it is a complementary addition to the care provided by medical doctors and midwives. Mothers-to-be undergo many changes to their physical and emotional being during their 9 months of pregnancy as they create and support a new life. Ayurveda provides nutritional advice as well as practices such as massages, to improve health and happiness.

Pregnancy massage has both physical and mental benefits. Massage helps to relax both body and mind of the pregnant woman.

The main benefits of Ayurvedic massage during pregnancy include:

  • Back massage helps to relieve back pain in pregnancy.
  • Foot massage helps to induce deep relaxation and avoid foot pain.
  • Head massage helps in relaxing mind, relieving anxiety.
  • Body massage helps relaxation and strengthening of muscles, joints and bones. Relieves aches and pains.
  • Calf massage helps to relieve leg cramps.
  • If daily massage is done starting from early days of pregnancy, stretch marks in pregnancy can easily be avoided.
  • Itching sensation and dark skin discoloration can also be avoided by massage.

The mother’s body undergoes significant stress during labour and birth. Massages after delivery are a great way to soothe the tired body. They also help to relieve aches and pains, improve blood circulation, alleviate loss of appetite and thirst, relieve anxiety, mood swings, depression etc.

Ayurvedic baby massage has a long tradition and is a must do thing for babies.

It ensures proper blood circulation in body, increases muscular strength and resistance and  helps in building sense and nervous system. It also helps in moisturizing the skin thus preventing dryness and roughness, provides warmth and helps in better sleep and improves immunity.

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