Why Ayurvedic massage during pregnancy is important?

According to Ayurveda, pregnancy and delivery is one of the most rejuvenating experience in a women’s life. Ayurveda provides significant assistance to women during pregnancy and it is a complementary addition to the care provided by medical doctors and other experts.

Pregnancy is a time when Mothers-to-be undergo many changes to their physical and emotional being as they create and support a new life. Ayurvedic practices provides various assistance during this time including nutritional advice and massages to support the physical and mental health of the mother and baby.

Ayurvedic Massage during pregnancy:

Ayurvedic massage during pregnancy is safe and highly recommended. However, the traditional massage technique and position is modified to suit pregnancy needs. It is always recommended to undergo massage under the supervision of a trained professional. You can still use gentle application of oil at home, as even ayurvedic oil application before bath has significant benefits. If you suffer from any medical condition or complications, consult your doctor before you start pre-natal massages.

The main benefits of Ayurvedic massage during pregnancy include:

 Back massage helps to relieve back pain.
 Foot massage helps to induce deep relaxation and avoid foot pain.
 Head massage helps in relaxing mind, relieving anxiety.
 Body massage helps relaxation and strengthening of muscles, joints and bones.
 Calf massage helps to relieve leg cramps.

General benefits include:

 If daily massage is done starting from early days of pregnancy,      stretch marks in pregnancy can easily be avoided.
 Avoiding itching sensation and dark skin discoloration
 Relieves body aches and pains
 Increases blood circulation and better lubrication of joints
 Improves mental alertness, energy and stamina
 Better ability to relax and sleep
 Improves skin radiance and softness.

Some of oils recommended for massage during pregnancy include Dhanawantra Tailam-Toning and tightening Oil, Lakshadi Tailam-Strengthening massage oil, Durvadi keram-Skin and Hair Oil etc. Ayurvedic massages are blissful and rejuvenating and helps to you better prepare for childbirth and recover during the postnatal period.

Go ahead and enjoy the Ayurveda way of pregnancy care!!!!


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