Finding a comfortable sleeping position after a Caesarean section can be a challenge. It is important to choose the most comfortable sleeping position to reduce the stress or pressure on the site of surgery and to make it easier for you to get up from the bed. There is no single position that works best for all, but there are some positions that work best for most women:

1. On the Back: Most women find that sleeping in this position the most comfortable especially in the first few days and weeks after surgery. Sleeping on the back prevents any pressure on the site of surgery. However, you may find it difficult to sit up and get out of bed. Remember to take things slowly and don’t jump out of the bed.

2. On Your Side: Some find it more comfortable to sleep on their side. In this position, there’s not much pressure on the site of surgery, and it’s much less painful to get out of bed. Your doctor may recommend sleeping on your side if you have blood pressure issues. Avoid sleeping on your back if your blood pressure is abnormal.

3. Upright: If all other positions are uncomfortable, you may want to try sleeping upright in a chair or recliner. It might be a bit hard to sleep sitting up, but this is only a temporary position. Once the pain subsides, you can start sleeping in your favourite position.

4. Elevating the upper body: Try and keep several cosy pillows so that your entire upper body is elevated and not just the head. If elevating your upper body is uncomfortable for you, you can also try to keep some pillows under your knees or hips to make it more comfortable.

It might take couple of days or more to find the most comfortable position, so hold on to your patience and keep trying to find the best position for you. It is only a matter of few days and you can return to your favourite sleeping position when your pain subsides.

Disclaimer: The is only for informational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.


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