We have come across this exciting new product in the market for all pregnant mothers! Hear all about it from the innovative founders of FEGO Float.

The FEGO Float for cars is an essential life accessory for pregnant moms. Many people travel up and down in cars everyday and these daily commutes have become nothing but a harrowing experience. One due to the bad road conditions that causes us back pain. Second due to the prolonged hours in traffic that often numbs our body and causes fatigue. During pregnancy this should be dealt with utmost care. The Jerk and the vibration passed due to bad roads can effect the spine health and also the baby’s growth.

So, we decided to create a seat. A seat with air suspension in it. Which can reduce shocks and vibration by upto 46% and gives a Volvo bus like comfortable journey in cars and bikes.
The seat has air cells. So when you dive in a pothole accidentally, the jerk rendered is absorbed by the air inside the seat and is divided equally throughout the air cells. This creates a floatation effect and reduces Jerks and vibration by 46% to your spine. Which will in long term, reduces the issues you often experience by driving like nausea, backache, headache and weirdly, even depression and mood swings.
The dynamic seating system also helps to vary the pressure points continously and helps to reduce numbness occuring due to traffic jams and long drives.
The seat uses a medically proven technology, this technology is recommended by Doctors for people with orthopaedic issues. It has also been scientifically validated to reduce shocks by 46% through an external automotive agency in Pune called ATS. Automotive Test Systems.
The seat is portable and it can be used on chairs and anywhere we sit. It provides excellent support to our body by releasing off the excess pressure on our spinal cord. Pregnant women can essentially take more advantage of this seat as this can give great relief to their increasing body pains.
Links for buying : FEGO Float – For back pain and safe pregnancy on roads.Air Suspension Seat Add-on. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B079Y91P84/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ZLH9AbPFP6629

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