Garbh Sanskar is a set of ancient Indian Ayurvedic practices, which are recommended for mothers to be. Different cultures around the world have their own version of Garbh Sanskar, for example, the Israeli believe that pregnant women should practice math to birth a brilliant child.

Many Asian cultures like the Japanese, Chinese and have a version called the “Taikyo” during pregnancy. Taikyo, much like Garbh Sanskar is a traditional prenatal science which involves talking and singing to the unborn baby. The Chinese believe that this creates a special bond between the mother and child. They also believe that an expecting mother should not attend funerals and she should only look at beautiful things.

Even many western cultures now believe that classical music like Mozart is soothing to the unborn baby. And if you look believe in evidence backed practices then I’m very happy to inform you that science has also proven that unborn babies have the ability to hear inside the womb and recognize their parent’s voices.

Garbh Sanskar also advises a set of antenatal yoga and exercises. They help in the overall well-being of the mother and also help to prevent postpartum depression later on.

Pregnant women who practice yoga during pregnancy tend to get fewer stretch marks as compared to pregnant women who didn’t exercise at all.  The reason is that exercising during pregnancy helps to retain skin elasticity, thus reducing the stretch marks. If there ever was a reason to start physical activity it’s this, isn’t it mommies? Even if you don’t have much time for yoga or Lamaze, at least take some time out to take walks. Brisk walking is a great form of exercise. It is also known to aid in a normal delivery.

So what are you doing still sitting in a sedentary position? Grab your shoes and head out for a walk with your partner!

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