7 Useful tips for a normal delivery

Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most wonderful moment in a woman’s life. It is a life changing event and has its own share of excitement and challenges. One of the most common worry is whether the birth will be a normal and natural delivery or a Caesarian birth. Both has its own pros and cons and ultimately what matters is a healthy mother and baby. It is very important to understand that proper care during pregnancy can ensure the best outcome for you and your little bundle of joy.

According to some research, around 85% of pregnant women have a fair chance of normal birth experience. However, there are many conditions when a C-section is inevitable for the benefit of mother and baby’s health.

There are no shortcuts to ensure a normal delivery. However, here are some steps that when taken during a pregnancy can increase the likelihood of having a natural, normal childbirth.

1. Get Prenatal Education:

Understand and Educate yourself and your spouse about the process of delivery and labour. Lamaze classes are a great way of understanding and learning natural pain management techniques like breathing, relaxation and other coping techniques. Ask your doctor or hospital about antenatal education classes or Lamaze classes to be at ease with the wonder of giving birth.

2. Be Active:

Doing safe exercises throughout pregnancy can be of significant benefit. It helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles, opening the hips, improving stamina and vitality and many more that can increase the chances of a normal delivery. Walking is also highly recommended during pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is an excellent method to increases flexibility, help with breathing control and keep you relaxed and calm. Do consult your care provider before starting a fitness routine if you have any medical condition. It is strongly recommended to undertake classes with specialists in prenatal exercises.

3. Your Obstetrician:

Consult a good doctor who believes and promotes natural birth. Remember, in some cases, C-section birth is necessary for your and your baby’s health. Get your antenatal checkups done regularly and routinely. A good doctor can make you feel relaxed about the birthing process and allay any fears and worries. If you are not comfortable with your current doctor, always feel free to have a second opinion.

4. Healthy diet and proper Hydration:

Nutrition is important not only for nourishing your body but also for the adequate development of your baby. Moreover, a healthy and well-nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labour easily and more comfortably.

8-10 glasses of water a day is recommended during pregnancy and it will keep you adequately hydrated and cool.

5. Your weight:

Keep a close watch on your weight. Many times, women put on a lot of weight on the excuse of pregnancy by eating too much (eating for two) or eating too much fatty food, or wrong food. It is always best to keep your cravings under control and opt for healthy alternatives. Gaining the recommended weight during pregnancy can pave the way for a normal delivery.

6. Stress Relief:

Try to keep stress, anxiety and fear at bay. It is important to remember that your stress can adversely affect the baby’s health. So, take steps to relax, stay cool and calm your mind. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises are great ways to stay relaxed. The more relaxed and calm you are, it is easier to face the challenges during labour and birth Avoid listening to negative birth stories and stay in company of positive people. Pursue a long-lost hobby or interest, go out with family and friends, listen to music and enjoy this beautiful phase.

7. Prenatal Massage:

Research has shown that safe massage performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, ease common discomforts of pregnancy including relieving muscle aches and joint pains and increases the likelihood of shorter less painful labour and healthier babies. Ayurvedic massage therapy, specific to pregnancy has significant benefits.

The most important point right now is to be happy and feel special as you travel through the nine months. It is, after all, a safe childbirth and healthy baby that matters the most-whatever the mode of delivery. The above given tips will help you increase the likelihood of a normal delivery. Have a good support system during labour and childbirth and feel safe and empowered in bringing out a new life into this world.

The blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor or care provider.

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