Mobile App

The key features of the ilove9months mobile app are:

  • Trigunathmika – 4000 minutes of curated research based pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy ­fitness, DIY videos of 9-15 minutes each. The type of workouts includes yoga, weight training, pilates, couple workout and much more. This helps women maintain their ­fitness levels at optimum level for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Post-natal workouts help women get back to pre-pregnancy shape faster and in a healthy manner.
  • Active Question and Answer forum with a strong medical as well as holistic health experts. This is one of the strongest parts of the application as people are free to ask any question
  • Blogs – Our users can be up to date with latest information on topics related to pre-conception health, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, holistic wellness, lifestyle diseases etc.
  • Antenatal/Lamaze Videos – Pregnant couples can access antenatal class videos from the comfort of their homes. These videos aid in breaking myths, taking informed decisions and understanding evidence based data, in the middle of the information overload on the internet.
  • Daily Tips – The user has access to daily tips on pre-pregnancy health, pregnancy, birth, post-partum, breastfeeding, parenting etc.
  • Kegel Trainer – Kegels are must-do exercises to maintain pelvic health during and most importantly after birth of the baby. We have a simple Kegel trainer within the app which aids women to practice at home, at of­fice breaks, in the car etc.
  • Ovulation Tracker – For women planning a baby, the ovulation tracker aids in identifying the key window of ovulation to maximize chances of conception. Due Date Calculator – Keep track of the pregnancy with the help of the due date calculator.
  • Baby Growth Tracker – As a mother awaits the little bundle of joy, this tracker takes her through the changes occurring in her body and the growing baby.
  • Kick Calculator – As pregnancy progresses, the doctor tells mom to keep track of baby movements and kicks. Use the kick calculator to record the movements and a mom can log in and export the history log before the next hospital visit. No hassle of noting it down in a book/digital notes etc.
  • Contraction Tracker – As a woman goes into labour, keep track of the duration and interval of the contractions using this tracker. Either the mom or the partner, support person or friend can track the contractions in the app. Keeping track of contractions help the doctor as well as mom to identify stage and progress of labour.
  • Baby Sleep Tracker – In the initial few months, a baby’s sleep is critical. Use the app to record the baby’s sleep timings and notice any stark variations.
  • Pee and Poo Tracker – In the ­rst 3 months, a baby’s health is closely monitored based on the baby’s urine and stool output. Every paediatrician asks to record the baby’s urine and stool output either in a book or digitally on your phone. Use the pee and poo tracker to record the number of diapers and export the history log before the next doctor visit.
  • Baby Feeding Tracker – A baby feeds on an average every 2 hour for the 1st month and then in longer intervals. Baby feeding tracker makes it easy to remember key things about feeding like, which side did the baby breastfeed last time, the duration of feed, if bottle fed, the quantity and timing. As the baby moves into eating solid food, the type of solid foods, any allergic reactions etc. These notes help the mom keep track of feeding patterns, ratio of breast feed to bottle feed and weaning patterns of the baby. During consultation with your doctor/lactation consultant, the baby feeding tracker history log makes it easy for clinical assessments.
  • Developmental Tracker -This helps track child’s development from birth till 5 years of age, as per standard norms. This would aid in early detection and intervention of developmental disorders.
  • Immunization Schedule – This helps track child’s immunization schedule till 12 years of age. The key feature of this is the “Reminder” function that will ensure parents don’t miss out any upcoming vaccinations.
  • Doctor Info & dHR (Digital Health Record): Store your doctor’s information and upload your medical reports onto the app for easier anytime access.