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Domatio is India’s 1st Breastfeeding/Lactation Pod

Space to breastfeed or pump milk for the baby is a big issue that women in India face. A clean, hygienic, safe and private space is almost never there. We bring to you a modular, strong, all-weather proof solution which will change lives of mothers in our country!

Domatio- Breastfeeding Pod for Public Places
Domatio-Breastfeeding Pod is the new-age breastfeeding pod brought to you by ILove9Months. Domatio is a small 4ft*4ft sized room that can be installed at any corner of a bus stop, railway station, airport, restaurant or a large retail store. Mothers can comfortably feed the baby and continue on with her day. You can have multiple Domatio’s in different places so that mothers don’t have to go to one specific place.Having a small baby should never restrict a mother from going out with her family and friends. Its critical to her own mental health as well. Feeling of restriction and frustration can lead to blues and depression in many women. Domatio makes both mothers and babies happy!
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Domatio- Lactation Pod for Corporate Offices

Breastfeeding provides unique health advantages to both the infant and mother and thus a breastfeeding-friendly workplace for the employed mother is recommended to increase the initiation and duration of breastfeeding. However, most new mothers don’t have many options when they needto express breast milk at work and some simply give up breast-feeding all together.

Improve your Retention and Employee Productivity!
  1. Moms will come back to work faster if the organization has supportive policies and resources to help her continue caring for her young one from afar.
  2. A healthy mom and child mean lesser leaves from office to take care of herself or her baby.
  3. An emotionally stressed mother cannot put in her best into her work.
  4. Supportive workplaces can directly impact retention rates of employed women.

For more information contact us at or Download our Brochure